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For accepting and distributing three-phase alternating current electric power
with frequency equal to 50 HZ at rated working voltage equal to 6(10) kV in
indoor switchgears of industrial and power generating units in the networks with
a neutral insulated or grounded via an arcing ground suppressor or resistor.
КРУ-БЭМН is equipped with vacuum circuit breakers or with other devices
requested by the Customer.
The cabinet is a welded metal structure. The partitions between bays are
made of steel sheets.
KРУ-БЭМН cabinets may be serviced from one or two sides.
КРУ-БЭМН cabinet equipped with a vacuum circuit breaker (ШВВ) is conventionally
partitioned into (Fig. on page 25): collector bus bar bay (8); cable
connection bay (20); apparatus, with a pull-out element (18); auxiliary circuits
and relay protection bay (16).
The bays of cable connections; apparatus, with a pull-out element; that of
auxiliary circuits and relay protection devices have individual locked doors.
The bay of auxiliary circuits is intended for placing measurement instruments,
devices of protection, control, signaling and control relays.
The collector bus bar bay locates junctors and bus holes in КРУ-БЭМН cabinets.
Access to the bay is via detachable top panels of the cabinets.
A pull-out element in the bay has 2 major positions — operating, testing and
auxiliary ones. The latter is located outside the cabinet on a service trolley. The
displacements from one position to another are done manually. For protecting
from irregular actions there are available mechanical and magnetic locks.
The holes in the wall entrance insulators in the bay with a pull-out element
when displacing from one position to another are automatically closed with
curtains. The curtains bear signs warning of high voltage and equipped with
eyes for locking with a padlock.
All bays of КРУ-БЭМН cabinets (save the one for auxiliary circuits) are
equipped with pressure release valves and arc protection sensors.




Rated voltage, kV

6; 10

Highest working voltage, kV

7,2; 12

Collector bus bar rated current, А

630; 800; 1000; 1250; 1600

Main chain rated current, А

630; 800; 1000; 1250; 1600

Circuit breaker disconnection rated current, kA

12,5; 16; 20; 25; 31,5

Main chain electrodynamic bracing current, kA


Thermal capability current, kA


Thermal capability current flow time, s:


•    for main chains

•    for a grounding link


Transformer rated current, А

50/5–2000/1; 50/5–2000/5

Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V of DC (rectified current)

110; 220

•    alternating current operative circuits

•    voltage transformer circuits


•    mains transformer circuits



Mains transformer fusible plug current, А

2; 3; 5; 8; 10; 16; 20

МЭК 529-89 shell structure protection degree

IP 21

Dimensions (W´H´D), mm, for rated current:



•    up to 1250 А

• from 1250 to 1600 А


Weight, kg, not exceeding


1 When installing a relay protection bay of an increased size.
     The environment should not be explosion hazardous and should contain current-containing dust, aggressive gases in the concentrations
reducing an insulation level within prohibitive limits