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   Assignment and field of application

ШУ-ЗА control and protection cabinets/panels are intended for locating the
instruments of protection and control of power facilities of power stations and
substations. The cabinets/panels are located in the rooms for electric boards
and control panels.





Insulation rated voltage, V


Input power supply rated voltage, V

=220; ~230





Design type

Panel or cabinet-type

Way of servicing at:

•    floor ounting

•    hinged mounting


Two-way or one-way One-way

Protection degree

IP 21

Dimensions (W´H´D), mm

•    of floor- mounted cabinet/panel1

•    of hinged cabinet1




 1 The dimensions of a definite ШУ-ЗА cabinet/panel are determined by the parameters of built-in units,

design documentation and an order sheet.

At the place of its installation ШУ-ЗА panels are stationary and intended for

indoor operation, in the absence of vibrations or strokes. Environment should

be explosive-free, should contain no current-conducting dust, aggressive gases

and vapors in the concentrations reducing an insulation level within prohibitive


A cabinet/panel body is manufactured of thin-wall perforated sections.

The door (in the cabinet case) and walls are made of a steel sheet and may

be solid or may be glass covered. All metal structures are painted with a powder

paint. The front door (the front panel part) locates equipment operation displays,

control devices, control instruments.

Feeding, signaling and control cables are connected from below, on the side or

from above.